2X Control Services has offered it’s expertise in cooking and chilling processed meats to industry processors worldwide.   We offer custom-built control systems along with unparalleled personalized service to ensure our customers assistance through every aspect of their processing operations.  We strive to provide our customers with personalized resolutions to improve operation efficiency and product consistency at affordable prices, which in turn helps our customers increase profit and overall growth.
We use the highest quality elements in the building of our controls system so our customers can be confident that their control is built for durability, longer life use and requires minimal maintenance.  Our workforce consists of experienced and professional people with to assist our customers with specific needs and also offer training to help your staff run the processing equipment efficiently.
2X Control, Ltd. is located in North Carolina.  After over 10 years of experience. Established 2X Control, Ltd. to meet to the needs of the meat industry on a different platform.  Our experience has continued to grow to include process development, custom designed cooking systems.  Together, they have gained the utmost respect of major processors in the meat industry and 2X Control Services has become synonymous with quality.